About AMA Group Heavy Motor

The AMA Group Heavy Vehicle Repair (Bus & Truck) Network boasts a national footprint which brings together the best-of-the-best in quality, expertise and excellence in customer service. Our World-Class National Heavy Vehicle Repair Network


AMA Group Executive General Manager – Heavy Motor

Darren Wales is the AMA Group Executive General Manager – Heavy Motor. Darren is a pioneer in the heavy repair industry and has more than 30 years running bus and truck repair businesses.

With a focus on growth and culture, he grew his business into one of Australia’s leading, multi-award-winning Heavy Vehicle Repair facilities.

In 2014 Darren identified a gap in the market and opened a specialised, dedicated bus repair facility, Wales Bus Repairs. He won major industry awards and is regarded as the industry’s benchmark through his implementation of world-best practices.

Darren is a founding member of the Australian Heavy Vehicle
Repairers Association.


We have a track record of speed and efficiency in delivering operational integration and change, whether it be additional sites or new initiatives.

The AMA Group contributes to the industry by:

  • The benefit of partnerships which provide scale, innovation and governance, and the access to capital as an ASX300 company
  • An Australian business with significant knowledge and understanding of the regulatory, government and industry environments
  • Strong track-record in integrating, and growing, large and complex businesses


AMA’s truck and bus solutions provide unrivalled tools and services. Our technicians manage all phases of the repair, from our dedicated workshop tools to operating software, specialist training and customer services.

We are committed to deliver continuous technical training which enables our people to carry out repairs rapidly using the correct repair method.

AMA’s repair services include:

  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), camera and radar system calibration;
  • Diagnosis, resetting and laser alignment systems;
  • Chassis and suspension re-alignment; and
  • Computer-controlled colour matching techniques